If you have an IT incident Tayllors can intervene to find a solution to the problem for both private individuals and corporate organisations.

IT Investigations

We can retrieve any type of information such as files and metadata from a hard drive, USB stick, SSD or any other digital media. Even when the computer is locked we can log in without reformatting and retrieve searchable files and reassemble date such as favorites, browsing history, cookies etc.

We can detect if malware is present, or recognise if the targeted software is still healthy.

Technically your support (hard disk, USB stick, SSD etc …) will never be altered because all our analyses are performed on a copy even if a medium is apparently corrupt, damaged or unrecognized.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to explain your needs if you have further questions.

You can either give us the support in person, or send it by post, so the analysis is performed in our computer laboratory.


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