Any business can be confronted by theft, fraud, unfair competition or counterfeiting and Tayllors can help you with any needs you may have regarding corporate investigations.

In certain cases, Article 700 of the Civil Code allows the reimbursement of investigation expenses … Not everyone knows this!


Company theft is a criminal offence with serious consequences for the employee. This is an important concern for all businesses and can involve material goods or intangible theft such as computer data.


Unfair competition is the use of unfair commercial practices in relation to competition. In order to establish the existence of such a practice, it must be proved that there was fault, prejudice or a causal link. Some of the most notorious unfair practices include trade libel, misappropriation, trademark infringement and predatory pricing.


In law, fraud is defined as a deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a third party of money, property or a legal right.

The offense of fraud can be committed by:

The use of a false name or a false identity;

False representation of a true identity;

The use of fraudulent practices.


Counterfeiting is an unlawful interference with intellectual property rights. It results from the unauthorized reproduction or imitation of a product. Those involved in this activity are referred to as counterfeiters. Counterfeit products are often produced to take advantage of the superior value of the imitated product. In France, counterfeiting is taken into account by various disciplines such as commercial law, intellectual property law or administrative law. Counterfeiting gives rise to significant criminal penalties when proven in court.


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